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Branding & Prototype Collaboration


When you’re throwing an event, it’s overwhelming balancing many different tasks within a small time frame. SocialHub was created by social goers for social goers with the objective of offering the most efficient form of event tickets sales to your social network at a fair price while leading the way for a paperless society.


SocialHub aims for users to discover a new way of getting social event tickets to your network. Get tickets and quick access to all of your SocialHub events and event information directly from your iphone 6. Event organizers can keep track of their ticket sales and stats, and even check in event attendees from the app. The App saves time for social planners, printing and transportation costs and provides distribution to a larger radius of people who are interested in supporting your event.


Invision Prototype – Note This Journey Is Reflective Of Steps Taken To Present


UI & Invision: Stephanie Morris
Marketing & UX Plan: Amanda Kopp
Logo & Prototype Animation: Gus Mahlegas